Shipshewana Gas Line

Shipshewana, LaGrange County, Indiana

Quick Facts

  • 5-mile high-pressure 12-inch gas line
  • Located within client’s existing right-of-way
  • Phase 1 is complete with phase 2 anticipated completion July 2021

Project Summary

Metro Consulting Associates is providing a full suite of land surveying services to support right-of-way acquisition, routing and re-routing, construction, and post-construction activities for this new gas line to service residents in Shipshewana and Middlebury. Key services include, but are not limited to, route surveys, topographic surveys, easement exhibits, constructions staking, and as-built construction surveys.

Working closely with our survey team, our land agents are actively working to acquire 45 separate easements or access agreements with landowners along the project route.

Our ecological team conducted on-site wetland and stream assessment/delineation activities within the 75-foot-wide easement along the entire project corridor which identified a total of 11 wetlands, 2 potential wetlands, 5 streams, and 3 ponds. Thanks to re-routing activities, no permanent impacts to streams and wetlands will occur. In locations where the gas line will cross wetlands, disturbance from the open trench installation will be temporary and excavated wetland soils will be stockpiled and replaced per restoration plans.

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