Construction Materials Testing

Helping designs successfully translate to quality construction.

At Metro Consulting Associates our CMT professionals ensure the quality of construction matches your approved designs via concrete, soils, and asphalt testing. Our team is certified with the Michigan Concrete Association (MCA) and American Concrete Institute (ACI) and accredited by AASHTO to deliver reliable, quality testing per your timeline. Leveraging an integrated, multi-disciplinary teaming structure, our professionals may already be familiar with your project allowing us to maximize resources and efficiencies.

Core Services

  • Concrete Testing
    • Slump
    • Air content
    • Temperature
    • Mortar and grout mixture and strength
    • Unit Weights
    • Concrete strength
    • Flexural strength or beam testing
    • Concrete submittals testing
  • Concrete Mix Design Submittals
    • Includes all required testing and completion of the concrete submittal document to obtain mix approval.
  • Soil Testing
    • Soil stabilization
    • Soils density
    • Surface bearing strength
    • Proof roll
    • Standard and modified proctor
  • Asphalt Testing
    • Density testing
    • Certified hot mix sampling
  • Field Testing
    • Special inspections
    • Floor flatness
    • Asphalt and concrete coring/sampling

Construction Materials Testing Laboratory

Metro Consulting Associates provides our clients with construction materials testing services they can count on. Managed by Professional Engineers and Certified Managers, our staff offers a service that leads to project success. Our certified technicians ensure consistent testing with clear communication of results to ensure project goals and standards.

With a focus on quality and giving our customers results they can trust, we are accredited for soils, concrete and aggregate testing in AASHTO R18, ASTM C1077, D3666, and E329.

Construction Materials Testing Laboratory Services

  • Soils
    • Organic impurities
    • Atterberg limits
    • Sieve analysis
    • Soils classification
    • Standard/Modified Proctor
  • Concrete
    • Concrete compression
    • Core compression
    • Beam flexure
    • Mortar and grout testing
    • Trial batching
  • Aggregate
    • Sieve/loss by wash
    • Clay lumps and friable particle
    • Fractured particles
    • Flat and elongated
    • Specific gravity
    • Unit weight
    • Standard/Modified proctor
    • Oversized particle correction
  • Asphalt
    • Bulk density of cores

Our Philosophy

  • Show up as promised.
  • Deliver on quality.
  • Move fast, respecting schedules.

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