Land Surveying

Precision, technology, and experience delivers more.

Originally founded as a land surveying company 15 years ago, Metro Consulting Associates (MCA) continues to innovate, grow, and expand its survey capabilities to remain adaptive, nimble, and high value when it comes to electric and gas corridor projects, renewable energy developments, municipal and land development support. With MCA you get 15 years of reliable performance and effective operations backed by 500+ years of team expertise to help you achieve the impossible on your next project.

Advanced Technology

Executing projects faster while increasing accuracy, productivity, and crew safety for noticeable savings and long-term value.

  • 3D static scanner
  • Mobile LiDAR
  • Manhole scanner/underground utilities scanner
  • Unmanned aerial systems (3 licensed pilots)
  • Utility locating services – ground-penetrating radar (GPR) surveys

General Services

  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
  • Boundary surveys
  • Topographical surveys
  • Wetland surveys/mapping
  • Floodplain surveys
  • FAA 2C and 1A Certifications
  • As-built surveys
  • Route surveys
  • Property and easement descriptions
  • Subdivision/condominium platting

Construction Services

  • Construction staking
  • High-precision monitoring
  • Horizontal and vertical control networks
  • Plot plans
  • As-built construction documents/GIS

What land survey fits your needs?

Download our free cheat sheet to learn about the seven most common land surveys.

GA Solar 4

To kickstart the project, our survey team provided a constraints map that identified blanket easement impacts throughout the project site.

Cornerstone Pipeline

Our survey team helped refine the proposed route along the chosen 50-mile corridor that connects refining, processing, and blending facilities. In addition to the corridor work, our survey crew provided support services for the East Sparta Station and Canton Refinery.

950 Greene Street

The project involved coordination of off-site utility improvements with a large-scale City watermain and a road rehabilitation project immediately adjacent to the site.

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