Right of Way Acquisition

Over communicate and collaborate to secure right of entry.

Our right-of-way team is highly skilled in real estate practices and laws, negotiation, acquisition, title, and condemnation support services. With the added ability to leverage in-house land surveying and civil engineering support, our team streamlines and accelerates project work in the renewable energy, electric and gas corridor, and municipal markets. Effective ongoing communication with all stakeholders throughout a project’s development cycle is key to project success.


  • Corridor route evaluation and selection
  • Right-of-way consulting and acquisition
  • Property negotiations
  • Project management
  • Records management
  • GIS mapping
  • Ownership research and title services
  • Document and exhibit preparation
  • Encroachment management

69kV Shaker Run to Liberty

Metro Consulting Associates performed courthouse research, ground survey showing property boundaries and road rights-of-ways, existing easements along route corridor, existing utilities (SUE), and LiDAR verification.

Shipshewana Gas Line

Metro Consulting Associates is providing a full suite of land surveying services to support right-of-way acquisition, routing and re-routing, construction, and post-construction activities for this new gas line to service residents in Shipshewana and Middlebury. Key services include, but are not limited to, route surveys, topographic surveys, easement exhibits, constructions staking, and as-built construction surveys.

Churubusco Gas Improvement Project

Metro Consulting Associates provided pre-acquisition, right of way acquisition, land surveying, and construction support services for this new underground gas line and two regulator stations to increase area capacity and reliability.

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