Celebrating 15 years of excellence, Metro Consulting Associates (MCA) is a multifaceted energy, land, and community development firm serving private and public sector clients throughout the Midwestern United States and beyond. Founded in 2009 as a land surveying firm, MCA respects its heritage while strategically plotting a future focused on client-centric solutions and community goals to make life better.

With the capabilities and expertise typically found in large, multidisciplinary firms, combined with the agile project management and budget-friendly services of a smaller firm, Metro Consulting Associates delivers on value. Serving clients in the power and energy, municipal, land development, and oil and gas markets, MCA’s technical expertise will satisfy any and all emerging challenges, taking you where you want to go.

Dynamic. Daring. Diverse. DIFFERENT.

For the last 15 years, Metro Consulting Associates has built its reputation as an enthusiastic problem-solver. Our team excels in discovering new solutions and perspectives that enable client progress. We gravitate towards the road less traveled. We seek out unique opportunities that push us further, challenge the status quo, and ignite our passion for the betterment of community.

Our Purpose
Working together to create a world without boundaries.

Our Vision
Shaping the future by helping others achieve the impossible.

Our Mission
Empowering our people and clients to do their best work every day.

Our Truth
Our dynamic, daring, and diverse team of talented professionals deliver something different by reaching beyond ordinary to redefine success.


We believe effective action propels change and growth.


We call on adventurous courage in thinking and action.


We embrace our differences to discover more.


We reach beyond ordinary to redefine success.

Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence

Looking back: Respecting the past to reach our present.

Building forward: Plotting a course to safeguard our future.

FOSTERING A LEGACY: Passing the torch to the next generation.

Our People

Metro Consulting Associates is a team of 70 talented professionals working together to help you find success.

Brad E. G. Oliver, PS


Land Surverying

Jarion L. Bradley, PE

Senior Project Manager

Municipal Engineering

Paula M. Brown

Proposal Coordinator

Corporate Services

P. Derek Caldwell, S2

Operator in Charge

Municipal Field Services

Sean R. Comer, RLS, FAA

Senior Project Surveyor

Land Surveying

Aaron Cox, CSP, CUSP, RSO

HSE Director & CMT Advisor

Construction Services

Eric Geerlings, PE

Project Manager

Renewable Energy

Ryan W. Klei

CMT Lead Technician

Construction Services

Scott R. Lindgren, PS

Senior Project Manager

Land Surveying

Trupti I. Lokhande

Project Coordinator

GIS Services

Elisha D. Martin

CMT Lab Manager

Construction Services

Gail Morton

Project Manager

Right of Way Acquisition Services

Jacqueline A. Palmer, CMA

Project Manager

Right of Way Acquisition Services

Adrienne M. Ponke

Finance Manager

Corporate Services

Pamela E. Rice, PWS

Senior Ecologist

Ecological Consulting

Andrew P. Richmond, PE

Project Manager

Municipal Engineering

Mark A. Swaile, PS

Senior Project Surveyor

Land Surveying

Ashwini K. Tapase

Project Coordinator/Construction Engineer III

Municipal Engineering

Kalaya D. Thomas

Operations Coordinator

Corporate Services

Elise K. Torchala, CST

Project Coordinator

Land Surveying

Andrew R. Walters, PE

Senior Project Engineer

Land Development

Gary A. Witt, PS

Senior Project Surveyor

Land Surveying

People do business with people.

At Metro Consulting Associates we believe a good employee experience yields a good customer experience which ultimately benefits the places where we work and the people that live there.

We take a holistic, community-centered approach to everything we do from investing in our talented professionals, to enriching client relationships, and fostering connections with the communities we serve.

Community matters. And our commitment to building stronger relational networks is demonstrated through organic efforts and practiced application of programs like #MCAFamily Mondays (ask us about it), professional development and training, charitable contributions, volunteerism, vested passion in our work, and a general philosophy of paying it forward.


The Latest

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