Solid relationships are the cornerstone of our business. We pride ourselves on the trusted relationships we have built over the years based on hard work and high standards.



The majority of our business comes from referrals which is the highest compliment our firm can receive. Our reputation is on the line every day and we work hard to protect it by delivering innovative solutions for our clients.



At the end of every day it comes down to results. Did we deliver? We won’t stop asking the questions that drive the best results for our clients and our employees.

Metro Consulting Associates Helps Plymouth’s Senior Citizens with Yard Work

Plymouth, Michigan. April 25, 2015 – Metro Consulting Associates (MCA) employees teamed up with Plymouth Community United Way to rake leaves and clean yards of several senior citizens' homes in the Plymouth area. Homeowners welcomed the help and directed us to exactly what they needed.

Metro Consulting Associates Donates Food to Ronald McDonald House

Ft. Wayne, Indiana. April 1, 2015 – Metro Consulting Associates (MCA), a full service consulting firm, donated food items for Ronald McDonald House’s Pantry Partners Program to feed the families staying with them in […]

MCA Insight

 Activity vs. Accomplishment:  Do you know the difference?

The word “Busy” describes most of us every day.  But how many of us take the time to step back to reflect on the tangible activities accomplished each day?  Self-reflection is a powerful business tool.  It can make a huge difference in analyzing productivity and efficiency on client projects.  Are we just checking things off our list to get one step closer to invoicing the client?  Or are we thinking about our projects with a critical eye on efficiency […]