| Brad E. G. Oliver, PS

7 Types of Land Surveys

A survey means different things to different people, and many don’t know the type of land survey needed. As consultants and survey professionals, our job is to dig deeper and define the true scope, so clients receive the right amount of data for their projects. This article covers the seven most common land surveys.
Carport with advanced solar panels increases efficiency of energy production.
| Eric Geerlings, PE

Part 1: Why Consider Distributed Solar Solutions?

Renewable energy projects continue taking hold as developers and municipalities strive to meet 2030 clean energy goals. But large, industrial-scale projects aren’t the only solution. Learn about the benefits of implementing distributed solar projects at the local level.
| Damon L. Garrett, PE

Renewables: From Power Generation to Power Management

Energy storage solutions are in demand as renewable sources integrate into the electrical grid, which is creating more supply than the aging transmission lines can handle.
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