Highland Park Operations and Maintenance

City of Highland Park, Michigan

Quick Facts

  • Guided City through 2019 EGLE lead exceedance
  • Located and created water and sewer infrastructure via GIS
  • Established baseline hydrant and flushing program for the City
  • Facilitated cleaning and provided field inspection for approximately 1,800 catch basins
  • Ongoing EGLE compliance testing, lead line inventory, and infrastructure assessments

Project Summary

Due to funding constraints, the City was unable to perform regular maintenance activities on key assets including hydrants and valves, the latter going 15 years without attention. Today, the team flushes hydrants and exercises valves routinely per standard department of public works (DPW) and industry protocol. 

To optimize operations and reduce costs associated with this maintenance program, Metro Consulting Associates developed a custom tablet application to log maintenance data directly into the City’s ArcGIS Enterprise database. 

Metro Consulting Associates assembled bid packages, provided construction administration services, and performed daily field inspections for the installation of more than 100 hydrants and valves throughout the City. 

The project required ongoing coordination with City officials and residents regarding scheduled work activities including temporary water shutoffs to perform the installations. The team documented daily inspection reports using field tablets installed with custom software for entry into the City’s ArcGIS Enterprise database. 

Prior to Metro Consulting Associates, the City’s catch basins had not been cleaned in over 30 years. Working with our sister company Corby Energy Services, the team scanned and inspected approximately 1,600 sewer manhole structures and captured closed circuit television video (CCTV) for several miles of sewer line to provide a condition assessment for the City’s combined sewer system.

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