Catch Basin Cleaning Program

Highland Park, Wayne County, Michigan

Quick Facts

  • Inspected and cleaned 744 catch basins over 8 months
  • Utilized the City’s GIS asset management system to prioritize and track project updates

Metro Consulting Associates (MCA) completed extensive inspections and maintenance cleaning of approximately 744 of the City of Highland Park’s catch basins. These inspections enhanced the City’s infrastructure resilience, mitigated risks, and preserved the functionality of the assets. The municipal team utilized the City’s GIS asset management systems to accurately and efficiently track the project’s progress.

The City’s catch basins previously lacked the required maintenance, resulting in intermediate malfunctions of the contractor’s cleaning equipment. The malfunctions extended the cleaning phase of the project, causing MCA to pivot, coordinate with the contractor, and adjust accordingly.

Despite the project’s ongoing technical challenges, MCA’s expertise and strong team dynamics successfully resolved issues via amplified project coordination and communication between the field team and GIS team.


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