Jacqueline A. Palmer, CMA

Finance Manager, Corporate Services

Bridging financial, service, and operational analysis to elevate business performance.

As the firm’s financial leader, Jackie brings over 20 years of experience to her role, specializing in financial reporting, project analysis, cost estimating, and strategic planning. Her expertise is integral to the firm’s financial success, overall profitability, and expansion into new service areas and communities to better serve clients.

In addition to leading overall financial activities for Metro Consulting Associates, Jackie often serves as financial consultant for specialized municipal projects that require budgeting, rate setting, and cash flow improvements for communities that require assistance with departmental operations. She is also passionate about coaching the firm’s project managers by analyzing project activities to help them maximize goals, budgets, and client needs. This collaborative and proactive response to financial management is key to growing staff, client relationships, and the business.

Jackie is a certified management accountant (CMA) and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an accounting specialization from The Ohio State University.