September 20, 2021

Metro Consulting Associates and R2O Consulting Join Forces to Help Municipalities and Public Utilities Improve Our Nation’s Failing Infrastructure

Metro Consulting Associates (MCA), a multifaceted energy, land, and community development firm, and R2O Consulting (R2O), a female-owned engineering and water resources firm, today announced an infrastructure engineering and water resources consulting alliance to help municipalities and public utilities maximize their infrastructure improvements in anticipation of the forthcoming infusion of state and federal funding sources alongside local tax-base contributions.

The collaborative service offering delivered by MCA and R2O will help communities, especially rural, disadvantaged, and those that are hard-to-reach, address several challenges, including:
Aging water infrastructure that is 50 years old or older
Flood risks and costs caused by inadequate and outdated infrastructure
Limited funding streams to address aging systems
Regulatory compliance to deliver safe and affordable drinking water
Lean and siloed in-house resources with limited capacity or expertise to manage special projects with day-to-day operations

MCA and R2O have experience as municipal and utility operators, managers, and directors to provide solutions that address all stakeholder perspectives, including municipal departments, administrative leaders, council members, regulatory agencies, and customers.

“It’s no secret that a large portion of our nation’s infrastructure needs repair,” stated MCA’s Municipal Project Manager Jarion L. Bradley, PE. “Legislation like the American Rescue Plan Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will help communities extend their local resources to address compliance regulations per the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and applicable standards like the lead and copper rule.”

“As a former public utility executive, I understand the budget constraints and resource challenges municipalities and public utilities face when asked to do more with less,” stated R2O’s CEO Kellie Carpenter Rotunno, PE, BCEE. “Our teams take a partnership approach when working with communities to augment their existing in-house expertise to optimize capital program delivery.”

MCA and R2O can help municipalities and public utilities appropriate and manage local, state, and federal funds to the right projects at the right time via the following high-value infrastructure strategies:
• Asset Management Planning
• Asset Life Cycle Costing
• Integrated Infrastructure Planning
• Real Estate Portfolio Management
• Infrastructure Needs Assessment
• Grants & Funding Opportunities
• Green/Public Amenity Planning

Understanding that no two communities are alike, MCA and R2O designed its services for custom application to deliver solutions that fit community goals and budget confines. For more information, visit

About Metro Consulting Associates
Metro Consulting Associates (MCA) is a multifaceted energy, land, and community development firm that serves both private and public sector clients throughout the Midwestern United States and beyond. Founded in 2009 as a land surveying firm, MCA has grown to provide a mix of services, talent, and technology driven by client needs and community goals to make life better. Serving clients in the renewable energy, electric transmission/distribution, municipal, land development, and oil and gas markets, MCA’s technical expertise will satisfy any and all emerging challenges, taking you where you want to go. Learn more at

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About R2O Consulting
R2O Consulting (R2O) is a female-owned engineering and water resources firm practiced in balancing the competing needs of drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater projects for utilities and municipalities. R2O solves today’s infrastructure challenges by providing cost-effective, sustainable solutions that benefit the communities where we live, work, and play. R2O is an SBE/WBE/MBR/DBE enterprise in select locations. Learn more at

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