At MCA we are proud of the relationships we have built with our clients over the years. They have taught us many lessons along the way about trust, commitment and teamwork. Although rare, sometimes our toughest lesson is knowing when to cut ties with a client. This hard decision takes reflection and honesty on both sides to determine if the relationship can weather the storm.

There are four key areas we look at when developing ongoing and lasting relationships with our clients:

1. Payment history: Do they pay us on time so we can continue to run our business? An occasional late payment is understandable, but ongoing tardiness begins to show us that our work may not be valued as much as we would like and therefore we have to think harder about future projects with that client. 

2. Unrealistic expectations: We all like a challenge, but not one that simply defies a reasonable scope of work on a project. And that leads to…..

3. Scope creep: This is when the agreed upon job is changed but the price and deadline are not. If the new aspects of the job require more time, staff or a faster deadline, then the rate should always be commensurate with that scope change. 

4. Value our expertise: If a client asks for our professional opinion on any job and then doesn’t take that opinion into consideration, it can erode the relationship. The client is certainly able to form their own opinions, but we like to know our partnership brings solid value to the table and hope our recommendations are carefully considered. 

We pride ourselves on close client relationships and that means we also know when it is time to push back on unreasonable deadlines or request payment before the next job is taken on. One of the reasons we value the clients we have today is they treat our firm and employees with respect and understand we are in business too. If both sides remember that, it is rare an issue can’t be resolved quickly and professionally.

Brad E. G. Oliver
Senior Project Manager
Metro Consulting Associates