I am the Business Development Manager for Metro Consulting Associates (MCA). When many people ask me what I do or see my title, they immediately say, “Oh, you’re the sales guy.” I understand this can be the natural response to what I do. I also recognize that there is a correlation between Business Development and Sales.

I am here to share with you that there is a difference. Sales is a one sided approach to a situation (i.e. you have a product or service that you want someone else to pay you for). Business Development is not a one sided approach (i.e. the ability to grow something into a larger or more complex opportunity or opportunities).

For MCA, Business Development is so much more than a “one sided approach.” We take great pride in our ability to connect with our clients both professionally and personally. We would rather be invested with our clients, understand what keeps them up at night and provide solutions to them not only for the “sale” factor, but to be a true consultant to them. If you are so focused on the sale, you lose sight of what really matters– people, relationships and ways of conducting business. We believe our clients soon realize that we are not in it for the sale or quick dollar, but rather as an opportunity to support them not just on this one project but on future opportunities… or the things that keep them up at night.

Business Development is also not something that is done by one person at MCA. It is a complete company effort. One individual does not have every answer to every client questions or need, but collectively we work very hard to plug the right people into the right situations to make our clients successful. Once these individuals are placed into the appropriate scenarios with our clients, their interaction help propel our mutual success long term, project after project and individual after individual.

MCA is not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to solving client problems. Whether it is a traditional or non-traditional approach, our clients know that we care most about their success and are willing to step outside of our comfort level to find that success. That our clients know this about us, defines Business Development.

At MCA it has been, is today, and always will be about so much more than the sale. It is about Relationships, Reputation, and Results.

Mike Schutz
Manager, Business Development
Metro Consulting Associates