An article on Utilizing GIS Data for Asset Management written by our GIS Project Coordinator, James J L Render, was recently published in Point of Beginning Magazine.

In the last few years, the utility industry has been migrating towards Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as their go-to asset management system. This technology is a game-changer for asset management as it not only stores geographical referenced geometries for utility features like welds, valves, substations, transformers, and towers/poles, but acts as a database system for applying domains and coded values to standardize utility attributes. Recently, this has led to the development of utility as-built standards delivered within a fully digital GIS, enabling organizations to publish survey quality as-built data across multiple platforms. In addition to the traditional uses of this high-quality data by engineering and surveying departments, the user-friendly platforms hosted via secure websites provide instant access for real estate and upper management decision makers.

To establish a baseline for the discussion of the growth of GIS in the last few years – specifically in the multiple web-based platforms that provide user-friendly environments to analyze, edit and view essential data – the following offers a brief overview.

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