In a Blog earlier this year I talked about our business and stressed it was the “Land of Opportunity” for young, energetic talent willing to step up by proving their worth regardless of position or level at MCA.
Nothing is more rewarding than watching young talent spread their wings and now several months later, I am seeing our staff take this to heart. Many on our team have stepped out of their comfort zone. They are taking risks, offering insight, ideas and innovation in an atmosphere where our leadership team welcomes and encourages their input.
We want to be the company that not only listens to our staff, but also implements their ideas when possible. As leaders, we are learning that by stepping back and letting others step up… we all win.
In our monthly MCA Management Committee meetings, we invite staff to bring their ideas and as many details as they can provide. Some may have a complete plan, others might need more support for building a plan. What’s important is giving them a platform to present their ideas.
A famous quote by Michael Irwin says “Success belongs to those who believe in the power of ideas.” At MCA, we see the power of those ideas every day. I know we have the right team in place and I am excited to see where this team leads us on our journey to success.

Jeff Evans, PS
Metro Consulting Associates