Business is good.  Very good.

What this means to a company like Metro Consulting Associates (MCA) is the timing is perfect for growth.

Not just the financial growth that comes with success, but the growth that energetic, innovative talent can achieve at any age or level in the company.

It used to be that you had to “put your years in” before you could even be considered for advancement.  But in today’s fast moving business world, employees can find success by proving their worth on the job regardless of position or level.

Things to think about if you are ready to rise to the challenge:

Pack your bags:  Can you take on more travel and help promote our company throughout the country? Are you waiting to be asked or will you speak up now so your name moves to the top of the list based on your eagerness and willingness to do more away from the comfort of the home office?

Think Big:  Have an idea or suggestion?  Now is the time to bring it up.  We need big thinkers who challenge the status quo.  Maybe there is a new and better way and who better than you to dream it?

Don’t be afraid to fail:   Henry Ford once said “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”  Intelligence is the key word there.  Use what you learned by failing at something and figure out a better way to make sure it doesn’t happen next time.  The world is filled with innovators who failed many times before success—Henry Ford was one of them!

Golden Rule:  It goes without saying that the Golden Rule should be adhered to in the business world.  But remember the way you treat others reflects on your growth.  You have a great resume on paper but when to comes to “playing nice with others” do you have an A+?  If you don’t, get some tutoring and learn how your people skills are often as important as your credentials—sometime more so.

The future is the land of opportunity at MCA.  Just like in our country where the American dream is attainable, so is the opportunity to grow and be promoted in business.  Especially at MCA!

Jeff Evans, P.S.


Metro Consulting Associates