Project Profiles

  • Kirkway Estates, Phases 3 & 4

    Lyon Township, Oakland County, MI

    Lyon Township, Oakland County, MI “MCA provided professional Engineering and Land Surveying services for Kirkway Estates, a proposed 52-unit single family residential development over 21 acres. Engineering services included: boundary survey, topographical survey, and base mapping for site planning. Surveying services included: concept planning, petition for approval as a Planned Development (PD), grading design, stormwater management design, utility design and permitting, and design of public roads in accordance with the Road Commission of Oakland County standards. The operation of the stormwater management facilities constructed in prior phases necessitated a design to exceed the Township’s requirements for storage and release rates. MCA also coordinated between the County and Lyon Township to agree on requirements and obtain approvals for the construction of the stormwater management system.

  • Menards

    Scio Township, Washtenaw County, MI

    Menards requested necessary approvals to redevelop an existing parcel and construct a commercial store, warehouse, and outlots/parcels located at the southeast corner of the Jackson Road and Staebler Road intersection.

  • Halifax River Subaqueous Water Main Crossing

    City of Daytona Beach, FL

    MCA provided Horizontal Directional Drill calculations and design build consultation for 3,115 feet of 30-inch HDPE (directional drilled), DIP water main (open trench) and appurtenances crossing the Halifax River. Approximately 1,305 feet of 20-inch HDPE (directionally drilled) and DIP (open trench) water main was constructed along Halifax Avenue form Harvey Avenue to International Speedway Boulevard in Daytona Beach. This new 30-inch water main replaced an existing 63 year old 16-inch water main which has been repaired for leaks over the past few years.

  • Tower 1998 Removal and Relocation

    Macomb County, MI

    MCA completed a wetland determination/delineation and natural features assessment within the existing easement. The assessment included access routes and determined the MDEQ regulated activities associated with the removal of an existing transmission tower from an eroding river bank and the installation of a new monopole 100 feet south. MCA prepared the MDEQ wetland (Part 303), inland lake and streams (Part 301), and floodplain (part 31) permit application package, which included an expanded project narrative, alternatives analysis and construction sequence. In addition, MCA completed the engineered plan set representing the proposed wetland, inland lake and streams and floodplain impacts associated with the project. As required by the MDEQ, MCA designed a bank stabilization/restoration grading and planting plan for 90 linear feet of eroding river bank.

  • Klam and Micah 120kV Cut-In Transmission Lines

    Lapeer and Sanilac Counties, MI

    MCA Ecological services completed wetland assessments, delineations and reports for the 3.5-mile Klam 120kV cut-in overhead transmission line (OHL) and the new proposed 4.6-mile Micah 120kV OHL. MCA also assisted in the completion of Indiana and Northern Long-eared Bat, Blanding’s Turtle and Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake habitat and T&E surveys.

  • City of Saginaw Combined Sewer Collection System Assessment

    Saginaw and Kent Counties, MI

    Coordinate with the City of Saginaw to implement new procedures for sewer collection system assessment and GIS integration. Process City GIS data in Pipelogix software for implementation in sewer CCTV trucks. Format and design new delivery system of collection system assessment data (PACP/MACP) to integrate into City GIS.

  • Stormwater Asset Management and BRE

    Ubly, MI

    MCA created, inventory and assessed the entire storm water system for the Village of Ubly. This project utilized ESRI web based and desktop software. Working with our partner Spicer Group, we digitally created the line, point and attribute data needed to complete MACP/PACP inspections on storm water structures and sewer line assets. MCA completed the MACP inspections and worked with our in house contractor, Corby Energy Services, to assess over 24k feet of storm water sewers. We integrated the final GIS assessment data into a BRE framework and provided the final information to Spicer Group and the Village of Ubly for completion of a rate study, and for SAW Grant reimbursement.

  • Winchester Pipeline Project

    Winchester, Fayette Clark Counties, KY

    MCA provided professional surveying services for a 27-mile petroleum pipeline. During Phase I, MCA provided preliminary services including GPS control network, topographic surveying, parcel mapping, potential ecological and archaeological site identification and layout of the proposed Phase I 30-mile petroleum pipeline replacement. During Phase II, MCA performed civil survey of approximately 17.5 miles of right of way corridor per the Preliminary Civil Survey Procedure. This included: collection of data, development of property database and transmission of data for input into the project mapping, preparing property exhibits for ROW Acquisition for Phase 2A and 2B, performing staking of proposed centerline for replacement pipeline and preparation of a hydraulic analysis for the proposed crossing of Slate Creek.

  • COBO

    City of Detroit, Michigan

    MCA provided services under three separate contracts for professional land surveying services needed on the Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority, Cobo Hall renovation project. Services included: building control network, construction layout for approximately eighty (80) column locations, a limited topographic survey and traffic control design.

  • Gratiot Wind Energy Project

    Gratiot County, MI

    MCA provided professional land surveying and civil engineering services in Bethany Township, Emerson Township, Lafayette Township and Wheeler Township, Gratiot County, Michigan. The development included 133 wind turbine generators (WTGs) within a project area consisting of 692 parcels (approximately 27,000 acres). The project is accessible by public roads and over 35 miles of proposed gravel access drives that includes drain crossings regulated by the County and the State of Michigan. The services provided by MCA are ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey, site plan drawings, final site plan/construction plans, utility/exhibit drawings, construction administration, preliminary routing for collection line and transmission line routing survey.

  • Fifth Ave Underground Parking Structure

    Ann Arbor, MI

    MCA provided professional land surveying staking services including construction layout of column lines, street improvements, and over 100 TERS piles for a 4 story underground parking structure located in downtown Ann Arbor. Survey layout services also included establishment of a “High Accuracy” control network to be used throughout the duration of the project and weekly monitoring of adjacent buildings.

  • Berren, Cass, St. Joseph and VanBuren Counties Transmission Line

    Metro Consulting Associates (MCA) provided land acquisition support over a 56-mile stretch of land spanning four counties in Southwestern Michigan. Services provided by MCA included land owner research and outreach, ingress/egress for construction activities, and damage settlements upon completion of construction. The project consisted of pole replacements across Berrien, Cass, St. Joseph, and Van Buren Counties, Michigan.

  • Hancock County Transmission Line

    MCA was contracted to provide land acquisition on a new 69 K transmission line project, located in Hancock County, Indiana. The project will allow the Client to create a line between two existing 69KV power lines “looping” their lines in the event of a future transmission line failure. This type of upgrade is critical to the client and allows continued service in the event of a transmission line failure. MCA will be acquiring approximately one mile of new 100’ wide easement on behalf the Client to allow them the right to construct this new line.

  • St. Joseph and Cass Counties, MI Transmission Line

    The combined project is a 32 mile rebuild, with an old 69kv line to a new 138kv line, located in Southwestern Michigan. It involves several smaller segments and required MCA to work with approximately 290 landowners during the rebuild due to the location that passed through several small towns. This project allowed the client to create greater capacity in the area to meet demands. In addition, this project was placed on an accelerated timeline.

  • Madison County, IN Transmission System Upgrade

    MCA was contracted to provide land acquisition on a transmission system upgrade project, located in Madison County, Indiana. This was a combination of new transmission line, construction, multiple substation construction, along with a major upgrade and rebuild component traversing new alignment terrain and an extremely challenging urban environment. In order to place the improvements and desired upgrades, MCA acquired approximately twenty-five miles of easements on behalf of the client to place the improvements to their transmission system, and provide the opportunity to tie-in up to an additional 150-300MW for an adjoining wind farm development.