For a small company that is quickly growing into a mid-sized company, it is important to be able to take a look back at those moments that shaped the firm, specifically, the last 12 months. MCA experience growth both in staff and revenue in 2015. That success can be attributed to staff taking ownership in project related activities, committing to building lasting relationships with our clients, and seeking new opportunities to be successful.

Staff development and growth is a cornerstone of this firm. Over 20 new employees have started since the beginning of 2015. This trend will continue in 2016 and we must be prepared to mentor, utilize, and provide growth to current staff and new staff as they join the team. These factors will greatly contribute to the success of the firm.

2015 saw not only continued growth in the top 5 clients, but we saw new clients and prospects enter the picture. While maintaining strong relationships with current clients and building new relationships within existing clients, MCA also needs to continue to learn about new clients, determine what issues and concerns they have within the industry.

New opportunities and clients will drive MCA forward. These opportunities and clients need to come from everyone at MCA. It can’t be a culture of a handful of people deciding the direction of the firm. You hear the word “family” used a lot around MCA. Family is not about 2 or 3 people deciding, but rather everyone contributing to the success of MCA and its future.


Mike Schutz
Business Development Manager
Metro Consulting Associates