The most powerful advantages to engaging Metro Consulting Associates (MCA), is our three core values: Relationships, Reputation and Results!  These are what powerfully drive all of the MCA team members. While all of these are important; in the Land Management team the value/principle of relationships is how we maintain our reputation and get results for the benefit of our clients.

Our Right of Way agents strive to get to know each land owner as an individual.  We want to know what motivates them.  We understand that when we knock on their door, in most cases, we are not someone they are pleased to talk with.  As we know, most people don’t like change and they really don’t like change on their property.For some, their property is where their grandparents homesteaded.  Kids learned to run and play baseball.  Their property is their solitude from all of the stresses they experience day in and day out.  Construction of a pipeline or powerline may disrupt this.  We know that.  One can only get to the logical business component after working through with them their emotional concerns.  This can only be done by investing in time to develop relationships.

Our full team is committed to developing relationships with all in whom we come in contact.  We know that getting to know our clients helps us creates a special bond that allows us to exceed their expectations.We have gotten to know our clients, their lives outside of the easements we have work and secured.  Every project lead has their own unique style and flair.  Even those who work for the same company sometimes (well, most of the time) go about getting the same result differently.  Without developing relationships with our clients we wouldn’t know this. We know about hobbies; spouse’s careers; dance recitals; kid’s first jobs, cars and car crashes; golf scores, kids and clients school accomplishments, health and parent challenges and joys.  We know about their real lives!  Without developing relationships, our jobs would just be jobs – not result driven, reputation making relationships!

We can teach an agent about the intricacies of an easement for a power line, pipeline or wind farm.  What we cannot teach is how to engage with people.  Engaging with people is an innate ability that MCA looks for in making our strategic hiring decisions.  Why?  Because we know that in order to meet our client’s expectations the ability to connect with people is the only way to get results.