About ten years ago I started taking my car to one of those “Quick Change” oil change places. You know, the kind where you drive in and sit in your car while they change your oil. The sign out front of this place advertised that it was “The home of the ten minute oil change”. Although they were never the cheapest place in town, I liked going there because the service was good, it was quick, and I never had to worry about someone forgetting to replace the oil plug (trust me, it’s happened before).

The last couple of times I’ve gone there, their repertoire of standard services has grown. Besides my oil, they washed my windshield, checked my tires, inspected my lights and checked my wipers. Then they tried to sell me on an engine flush and fuel system cleaner. They also checked all the fluids, the air filter, and they took apart half my dashboard to get at the cabin air filter (when’s the last time you changed that?). They spent more time trying to find additional services to sell to me than they did actually changing my oil. It’s no wonder then that I had to wait over a half hour outside for my turn and another half hour while they worked on my car. The cost of a standard oil change has more than doubled although I don’t think that the cost of materials can entirely be blamed.

Their service is still great but I don’t think I’ll be going back there because it’s not a quick oil change anymore. I don’t think I’m alone. I saw several cars leave before they could get in because they were tired of waiting. Someone should tell them that they need to change their sign. It still claims to be “The home of the ten minute oil change”.

That gets me thinking about our business. What do we do well? What has MCA traditionally been able to offer? Personally, I think that it’s because we’ve been able to offer a quality product at an economical rate. We were able to begin during and survive the great recession because our fees have not outpaced the good work that we do. That’s value.

As MCA’s footprint grows, we must never lose site of the qualities that brought us to where we are today and our commitment to Relationships, Reputation and Results. Yes, our motto is still what guides us and will continue to do so as our team and customer base expand.

Andrew Walters, PE, Senior Project Engineer