Like the internet, world wide web and email did in the late 1990s, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones) are becoming more and more popular in our world and they are proving to have many uses. Although they have been around since the 1930’s for military use, UAVs are now used in a variety of businesses including journalism, film, photography, shipping & delivery, disaster management, search and rescue, geographic mapping, safety inspection, agriculture, wildlife monitoring, law enforcement, construction, weather forecasting and the hobbyist just looking to have some fun.

But not all drones are created equally and at MCA we’ve added drone technology to further improve our processes for our clients and staff while maintaining accuracy and efficiency in surveying and engineering. With better technology our teams can streamline costs when deploying resources on the job while limiting delays.

No matter how great drone technology is today, it is only as good as the professionals operating them who require knowledge and expertise to optimize the data collected. With so many options in the marketplace today, people tend to think if they buy a drone they will have a survey tool at their fingertips. Our philosophy is you can have all the bells and whistles on the job, but if you don’t have the expert minds behind that technology who understand the job parameters you are wasting time and money—something no one wants to do.
Keep a close eye on drones—there is no denying they have a place in our industry and our surveyors and civil engineers continue to learn more about aerial data acquisition and data processing with drone technology.