1. You must have Patience and Be Attentive – We deal with clients everyday who come to us not knowing exactly what they need, they may be frustrated. It’s our job to be sure we take the time to truly figure out their needs. A well thought out service plan is better than a rushed service plan.
  2. You must have clear Communication Skills – If you took the time to be attentive and patient, you will understand the level of communication skills needed to work with a particular client. It’s good to keep things simple and leave nothing to doubt.
  3. You have to know the Product/Service you are providing – Forward facing employees know the ins and outs of their services. It’s important to make the client aware of every aspect of services we can provide. Surface knowledge is safe but will not sustain you when and if a problem arises.
  4. What about Positive Language? – It’s important to never use the “I can’t” phrases, (we may not provide that service, but we can help them find someone that does). Or if we cannot get to a job in a certain time frame; use phrases like, “we can do it” on another date. Always point out the positive, not the negative.
  5. Time Management – We all could use some practice in this area, right? Know your limits with a client; even though we have spent time and listened well, there is a limit. You must focus on getting the client what they need in an efficient manner. It’s important to realize when you can’t help a client, support them by helping them find someone that can.
  6. You have to be Goal Oriented – This may sound a little strange in relation to Customer Service, but an employee without goals and/or a business without goals brings poor client services.
  7. Ability to Handle Surprises – In our growing company we get curve balls thrown at us all the time. It’s important to never over react and jump to conclusions, find out the facts and always remember the business model. What is the best possible outcome with the least negative affect on the company’s reputation?
  8. We should be good at Persuasion – What makes our service different than the others? Sell it, believe it and buy into it. Don’t ever let that potential client slip away because you did not buy it yourself.
  9. You must have Tenacity – Work ethic and willingness to do what needs to be done and not taking shortcuts is a must in all work places. Take pride in yourself and the business, don’t cheat or be lazy with your clients.
  10. Closing Ability – Being able to close a deal with a client means to be able to end a conversation with confirmed satisfaction adn with the client feeling tha tyou have everything taken care of.

Trevor A. McMann, PS, PE
Senior Project Manager
Metro Consulting Associates