In 2009 when we started MCA, our focus was all about growing our business during tough economic challenges.  Now six years later we have enjoyed significant growth as a company and established ourselves as full service consulting firm.  Our days are long and our ‘TO-DO’ lists are even longer.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, as I reflect on my role the past several years and I look to the future, I see one job responsibility that has moved to the top of my list:   nurturing our staff to become the leaders of MCA.

I know the people we hire are great assets to our team.  But I also know that sometimes I have to step back and ask myself the tough questions:

Are we creating opportunities for our younger associates?

Are we giving them chances to shine and grow?

Have we empowered them to make decisions?

The people we hire ARE the future of MCA and the investment we make in them now will pay dividends down the road.  Developing our future leaders takes work and extra time but that time is worth every minute when we see them shine and take on more challenging roles within the firm.

You may see a new MCA staff person in your next meeting or hear a new voice on a conference call.  Just remember the leaders at MCA know they are ready for the challenge and it is all part of our master plan.

Damon L. Garrett, PE
Operations Manager
Metro Consulting Associates