The word “Busy” describes most of us every day.  But how many of us take the time to step back to reflect on the tangible activities accomplished each day?  Self-reflection is a powerful business tool.  It can make a huge difference in analyzing productivity and efficiency on client projects.  Are we just checking things off our list to get one step closer to invoicing the client?  Or are we thinking about our projects with a critical eye on efficiency and accountability?

Our company motto is Relationships, Reputation, Results and those 3 simple words mean everything to the success of our firm.  We develop long lasting relationships with our clients based on genuine professional friendships.  We stake our reputation on everything we do—every day!  And perhaps most important, we strive for results our clients can rely on.  A key element to those results is knowing how to stay focused to maximize tight deadlines and budgets.

At MCA we act in our client’s best interest each and every day.  They hire us for our industry expertise but also for our ability to multi-task with purpose and a commitment to their end goal.   Part of our success is knowing how to stay focused and diligent on every project.  We can never rest on our last job because each and every project we work on is an audition for our next one.

Jeff Evans, PS
Chief Executive Officer
Metro Consulting Associates