Micheal Schutz

Michael A. Schutz

Director, Business Development

As the Director of Business Development for Metro Consulting Associates, Michael brings over 20 years of experience in the Land Development industry. His past project management leadership experience in the areas of pipeline right of way, renewable energy development, construction, land planning, surveying and engineering disciplines allows him to effectively communicate with current and potential clients on a very detailed level. In addition to building new client relationships, he also assists the operations staff in establishing new opportunities with existing and new clients across the nation.

Michael has strong communication skills and is readily available to clients to answer questions, provide solutions, and ensure that MCA continues to deliver exceptional results.


Shane Fockler

Shane L. Fockler

Director, Regional Operations

As Director of Regional Operations for Metro Consulting Associates, Shane assures each project’s quality and technical success is up to the MCA standards.  He also oversees the tasks of the land acquisition group, including title research, document preparation, and acquisition of land rights. With 15 years of land surveying and land acquisition experience, he has managed the coordination and execution of large-scale land development projects and complex public-private improvement initiatives for power plants, roadways, and airports.

Shane has supported national energy clients with transmission and distribution network upgrades and expansions, and contributed to numerous wind farm projects throughout the country.

Brad E. G. Oliver

Brad E. G. Oliver, PS

Director, Land Surveying Services

Brad is Director of Land Surveying Services and brings nearly 20 years of land surveying experience to every project. In addition to project management, his responsibilities include management of survey operations, business development, preparation of cost estimates and proposals, boundary resolution, analysis of field data and cultivating client relationships. He has experience with all types of surveys including pipeline/utility, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, cell towers, GPS control networks, aerial photo control, boundary retracement, construction staking, topographic surveys, site surveys, tree surveys, wetland surveys, precise leveling and preparation of easement exhibits.

Trevor McMann

Trevor A. McMann, PS, PE

Senior Project Manager

As a Senior Project Manager for Metro Consulting Associates, Trevor brings a wide range of experience in both the surveying and civil engineering fields. He has nearly 20 years of experience performing and managing all types of land surveying projects. including ALTA/ACSM land title surveys, boundary surveys, topographical surveys, subdivision platting, condominium surveys, and stock pile volumes.

Trevor has worked on several Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Projects and has provided a wide variety of services such as nuclear density in both bituminous and soils, construction staking and online OPUS solutions utilizing the MDOT CORS Spatial Reference Network. He has also been involved in the design of private roads, retention ponds, and pressure mound septic systems. He has provided construction staking management & QA/QC on MDOT projects in the past, as well as monument preservations for multiple MDOT projects.

Dane G. Vandewater
Director, Ecological Services

In the role of Director of Ecological Services, Mr.Vandewater brings 18 years of experience in ecological surveys, wetland delineations, stream evaluations, wetland mitigation design, 404/401 waterway permitting, endangered species surveys, and Phases I and II Environmental Site Assessments. Dane has worked directly with A/E firms, energy companies, Ohio Department of Transportation (DOT) Corridor projects, Department of Defense (DOD) clients, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) projects, private (residential/commercial) developers, lending institutions and local municipalities.

Dane has routinely managed multidisciplinary projects teams that have typically required ecological surveys, cultural resource investigations, endangered species surveys, environmental site assessments, and natural resource mitigation. His training includes various wetland and stream data collection methods, he holds numerous Ohio DOT pre-qualifications, and has completed FERC Regulatory Overview and Guidance and FERC Environmental Compliance training.

Pamela E. Rice

Pamela E. Rice, PWS
Senior Project Manager, Ecological Services

As a Senior Project Manager, Pamela is managing and working on natural resource projects throughout Michigan, Wisconsin and Northern Indiana. She is responsible for completing wetland delineations, assessing vegetative communities, and completing threatened and endangered species surveys. She has over 18 years of experience working with Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana State and Federal permitting, wetland mitigation and restoration design, stream bank stabilization and naturalization plans, on-site construction observation, erosion control and compliance inspections, and wetland monitoring.

Pamela has a broad range of private sector experience in wetland delineation using both U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) methodology. She has written natural resource inventories and management plans for a variety of projects, and has experience in identifying threatened and endangered plant species, performing literature reviews on endangered species, implementing protection and mitigation plans for rare & threatened species.